Monday, January 24, 2011

Machine Embroidery Tutorial

Yay - my first ever video Tute, sharing one of my favourite ways to play!
I'd have liked to have covered some aspects in more detail however it got to the point where I either got what I had on YouTube or threw the camera & tripod out the window!

I'm no expert (there's plenty out there that are), this is a very simple explanation of machine embroidery, it's how I do it - I hope it helps & inspires you! 

The points I'd like to clarify & emphasize are;

Feed Dogs - need to be out of the way. With some machines you have the ability to drop them with the Feed Dog Control knob, others require a special plate that sits on top of the Needle Plate.
Presser Foot - I have always used the Darning Foot, it has a central hole where the needle goes through and a spring mechanism at the top of the shaft which allows movement when stitching.
Needle - Size 80.
Settings - Stitch Length at 0 and needle Centred.
Control - the saying, 'Slow Hands, Fast Foot' works, it is the secret to maintaining control over your design.


  1. thanks! good video. clear and simple:)

  2. Thanks Maggie - nice to know it was worthwhile.