Saturday, February 5, 2011

Third Theme - K.I.S.S.

A reminder to self - Keep It Simple Stupid Sweetheart!

I wasn't sure the Third theme was going to happen this week as my creative mojo seemed to have done a bunk - pushed aside by thoughts of school lunches & workshop lists.
By Wednesday of this week I still thought it'd be presenting a plain piece of pink fabric however by not sweating the small stuff I made a start and by keeping it simple this block created itself.

The pink base is from the back of a mans shirt.
  I Vliesofixed & stitched a felted Christmas decoration to the centre of a hand dyed doily which was also Vliesofixed and in turn adhered (ironed) & stitched to the centre of the backing.
(Vlisofix cut to shape)
(Vlisofix ironed onto Doily & removing the backing paper ready to adhere to centre of block)
At that point I figured I was done however that would have been too simple and besides it was screaming for some squiggly scratchy machine embroidery - I obliged, also going around the outer edge of the Doily.  
 By stitching around the Doily I (accidentally-on-purpose) caused the Doily to blister & puff up - I packed this gently with polyfil & hand stitched it in place to the backing piece.
 I had three of the Christmas decorations and sacrificed another so I could dot the felted flowers randomly between the embroidered floral blisters.
The edges will remain raw & messy - for now.


  1. Wow awesome!! What is Vlisofix? Love Love Love the felted centre piece, BEAUTIFUL !!!

  2. Thanks Leanne.

    Vliesofix is like double sided tape only it's a bonded webbing. I've put a link on the side bar in 'How To' which will explain it's use better than me.

  3. I'm a block behind on this challenge already. Eep. This one is really nice :o)

  4. The materials for this patch came fairly easy. It is the time for sewing that has been difficult. Hopefully today will be my day lol :)