Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fourth Theme - ODD

Due to happenings of late which have been somewhat odd this seemed the perfect title for the fourth block however the block quickly started developing characteristics related to my childhood.

Children play outside & stay outside
in pretty gardens 
seen & not heard
Grannies buttons 
always the odd one out
a black sheep 
a black button

The verse is an attempt at summarising my childhood and in turn how this block reads for me.

The title of the theme very nearly was 'Childhood' however I decided to stick with 'Odd' because I was then, as I am now & suspect I probably always will be.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Third Theme - K.I.S.S.

A reminder to self - Keep It Simple Stupid Sweetheart!

I wasn't sure the Third theme was going to happen this week as my creative mojo seemed to have done a bunk - pushed aside by thoughts of school lunches & workshop lists.
By Wednesday of this week I still thought it'd be presenting a plain piece of pink fabric however by not sweating the small stuff I made a start and by keeping it simple this block created itself.

The pink base is from the back of a mans shirt.
  I Vliesofixed & stitched a felted Christmas decoration to the centre of a hand dyed doily which was also Vliesofixed and in turn adhered (ironed) & stitched to the centre of the backing.
(Vlisofix cut to shape)
(Vlisofix ironed onto Doily & removing the backing paper ready to adhere to centre of block)
At that point I figured I was done however that would have been too simple and besides it was screaming for some squiggly scratchy machine embroidery - I obliged, also going around the outer edge of the Doily.  
 By stitching around the Doily I (accidentally-on-purpose) caused the Doily to blister & puff up - I packed this gently with polyfil & hand stitched it in place to the backing piece.
 I had three of the Christmas decorations and sacrificed another so I could dot the felted flowers randomly between the embroidered floral blisters.
The edges will remain raw & messy - for now.