Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Idea

Hi and welcome!

The Eco Quilt Challenge has been a thought brewing away for quite a while and I can't tell you the amount of times it nearly didn't happen!
Not being a traditional 'Quilter' I've endlessly doubted my ability to successfully create the sort of Quilt I'd want to live with, while inviting others to do the same.
Having suffered the angst of how I was going to present the idea in the hope it would appeal to others I have decided to just do it and hope you'll join me!

  The bones of the idea is really very simple;
to create a beautiful piece of fabric ie. a Quilt using garments & fabric we already have - the only thing that should be spent on this is time.
 With inspirational prompts from me, posted on this blog every 2wks, we'll spend the following fortnight creating our own unique blocks.

This is not a skills based project, anyone can join in - you'll need to have a sewing machine, the internet and the ability to thread a needle, oh and you'll need to have a passion for fabric, a penchant for 'filing' garments & fabric and enjoy a challenge!

This will be an interpretational piece of work where I will encourage you to use your imagination, stretch your sewing capabilities and learn new stitching techniques.
I have created a template & a pattern for all of us to use so there is guide to aide in forming the finished Quilt, it will be fascinating to see everyones interpretation of the guides & prompts when all stitched together at the end of the Challenge.

There is a seed of an idea to display the Quilts...

At this stage I see the finished Eco Quilt measuring approx. 138cm x 150cm - not so big however with a fortnight to complete each block it will take (again approx.) 18-20wks/5mths - or longer, if we're having too much fun and want a bigger Quilt.

A Flickr group has been set up for everyone to share their creations, ask questions, discuss & share ideas. 

If you are interested in being a part of this Challenge please leave a comment below then email me with your email address and I''ll send you through the Challenge Details, Pattern & Template guide, along with an invitation to join the flickr group.
 I'm so excited I've made a start...

and will have the first theme (prompt) up at the end of the week!


  1. I'm thinking this is just the incentive I need to finally make use of all these kitschy, linen Australiana tea towels I have been collecting!

  2. hi jody...i am a little concerned with the limits on my time, as i take on new work challenges this year....if you can cope with me being late occasionally with a block... then count me in...sounds like fun

  3. This is a no-pressure-guilt-free Challenge, where everyone is encouraged to travel at their own pace.

  4. This is a great idea. I am a hoarder of clothes I know I won't do anything with but can't bear to throw away.

  5. Eu gostaria muito de participar!!! bj

  6. I didnt think I would have the material around to do this - but I think I might - I would love to be using my machine more and this could be the thing. Thanks Jody for the inspiration :)

  7. This is just what I need to get me motivated at night instead of sitting on a computer.