Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sixth Theme - Asylum

 For some a refuge and others a prison.

Cocooned & safe

or surrounded by friends,

 some may venture out

while staying in contact

 ready to return to the safety of familiar surroundings.

And this is why I work alone
and should probably live alone.
Apologies for the cryptic nature of the themes, they make all the sense in the world to me, until I finish and then I get worried that they wont make sense to anyone else.
With the overwhelming lack of interest I applaud those that have stuck with the Challenge and haven't once questioned my sanity - well not openly anyway.


  1. I had a boyfriend who was a nurse at Cherry Farm in Dunedin, NZ. I get this .. must finish 'balance' .. must finish 'balance' ..... lol nuts who me ???

  2. don't take the lack of interest personally - they're just, well, unique and very you!

  3. Leanne - glad it struck a cord.

    Anon - too thick skinned for that.

    Thanks for the comments girls.